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Farm-to-Table: Gallery

Documenting the story of food:


I document the story of what we eat, from "farm-to-table." Through photography, I tell the story behind fresh, locally sourced restaurant food. I explore this concept by beginning outdoors with the producers (farmers and ranchers) and conclude indoors in the kitchen with chefs preparing the final plated dishes.

I have always been drawn to food as subject matter. Chefs are artists who create on plates—canvases. I documented their work from its origins; their hands are tools—brushes, while produce is their creative material— paint. Thus my exploration began at a farm. When I stepped into a greenhouse, I was surrounded by tables lined with trays of seeds germinating and farmers detailing their creative process: sowing, transplanting, and picking. As I photographed the different stages of plant growth, I wanted the farmers' voices to be present. A journey through tomato trellises accompanied by Nicholas's narrative of the harvesting process culminated not only with a carton of tomatoes, but the transfer of them to the hands of a chef. I followed these artists into their creative realm—the kitchen. In this space, the relationship between artists who produce and artists who transform was apparent. In order to portray this connection, I chose to juxtapose images of produce and resulting products in collages, such as kale being grown and kale chips, as well as chefs creating. I reference the layouts of magazine spreads; a familiar medium for conveying stories. Viewed individually, each photograph offers a unique glimpse into the process. When viewed collectively, they document the story of food from "farm-to-table." 

Farm-to-Table: Project
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